About Me
Hi, I am Xiawei Liao
Xiawei Liao is a water resource specialist based in World Bank Beijing Office. He has worked on a wide range of water-related issues, including water security, water supply and sanitation, flood management and so on in several South and East Asian countries. Xiawei holds a PhD in Geography and the Environment from the University of Oxford and has published more than 20 journal articles and a book on China’s water issues. He started working at the World Bank on the Brahmaputra Dialogue, a multi-track multi-country dialogue funded by the South Asia Water Initiative, a multi-donor Trust Fund managed by the World Bank.
Living with the river
I have spent a week during the last summer driving along the river, from the Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon to the Lhasa city. I was not only awed by the magnificent nature along the river, the beautiful starry sky in the night, I was also touched by the different stories and believes that I heard along the way, from the people who have lived with such nourishing water, mountains, trees and animals for decades. I was taught about the different burial styles of the Tibetan people, including the celestial burial, water burial and so forth. The idea that touched me the most was that, I was told, Tibetans do not eat that much fish and birds because they believe that their ancestors live within them. I texted this to my friends and my friend replied: I wonder if that embeds any traditional thoughts for biodiversity conservation! Yes, I wonder too.

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