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Hi, I am Wengling Wang
Dr. Wenling Wang is an Assistant Professor at the Asian International Rivers Centre of Yunnan University, China. She completed her Ph.D. in Ecology from the same center. She was part of the Knowledge Exchange on International Water Project (2012-2015), which was funded by the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID) and jointly implemented by Tsinghua University and Yunnan University, China. The project aimed at promoting international cooperation and developing advanced interdisciplinary capacity on transboundary waters within mainland Asia. She has several articles published in international journals on topics ranging from water and ecological security, review of hydropower developments, etc., in the context of transboundary river basins.
Two facets build the relationship between human beings and the Yarlung-Zangbo River - the “countryside” and “River and lakes”. Some may say that to embrace your soul you need a countryside full of green plants and enchantments. To do so, retain the idyllic scenery of birds and flowers, enable the people to see mystic mountains, and let everyone wonder about the purity of shared waters. Communities find their way to live alongside the lucid waters and blooming mountains as it brings them hope and other opportunities for a better future.

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