About Me
Hi, I am Vivek Raj Singh
I grew up in Assam, India and moved to Bombay to study mass media - where I learned more about photography and visual practices while beginning to work on my own self-funded projects. In addition to a bachelor’s degree in Mass Media (BMM) from Jai Hind College, Mumbai University, I also have diplomas in filmmaking, photography, and sound production from NYFA, Udaan School of Photography and SRFTI respectively. My work revolves around observational and journalistic stories such as the documentation of disabled artists in India and an ongoing long-term project about mass migration in Uttarakhand. I am a visual artist working with photography and video mixed as conduits for my creative expression; with interest in further blurring the line between the two mediums - as far as is possible while each complements the other. I am continually looking to improve as a storyteller and delve deeper into the use of expressionist and abstract methods in that pursuit
River Islands
This collection of images is a chronicle of visits to the river at various points, made over ten years. In my travels across Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, I have always found myself never too far from its expansive landscapes. Growing up in Tinsukia, it was a thirty-minute drive to the Dibru-Saikhowa National Park which became our de-facto day out and also where my family would take their guests first. News of the gas blowout near the park last year was gut-wrenching to live with since I knew many boat operators and guides whose families depended upon the river for their livelihoods. These images speak to what the river means to me but more importantly for the people who arrive at it daily. Sustenance, transport, tourism and devotion each greatly direct the lives of many at its shores, this is an assortment of visuals in homage to the Brahmaputra and its people. The river is life itself.
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