About Me
Hi, I am Vijayeta Rajkumari
Vijayeta is a social development practitioner and a researcher who has worked in the thematic areas of gender, livelihoods, and governance. She is a graduate of TISS, Mumbai. She is currently residing in Guwahati, Assam
Maas Ghat
Guwahati’s Maas Ghat (Fish Port) in an old locality of Uzan Bazaar comes to live in the wee hours of the day. The activities start with fisherman providing their fresh catch to the traders (whole sellers) who bid the fish. A flock of individual buyers also crowd the place as the people of Assam are avid fish lovers. Then some small sellers buy fish at a wholesale rate from Maas Ghat and go on to different localities in Guwahati to sell their day’s stock of fish. They often can be seen carrying an aluminium drum tied into their bicycles selling fish crying out loud Maas Lage (want fish) in the residential areas of Guwahati. From catching fish in the Brahmaputra to making them reach into the Assamese kitchen there is an extensive network at play. The river has helped shaped not only the economic life of many in the land but also sustained cultures and livelihoods in ways that connect people in intricate ways.
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