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Hi, I am Tanmay Pisolkar
A professional hydrogeologist had been working in Indian Himalayan Region on groundwater management and development. currently working in peninsular India on the community centric watershed development and groundwater management. I am a photography enthusiast with special interests in landscape and night sky. A passionate cricketer who found his second home in the Eastern Himalayas.
Lone Rower
The lone rower In the evening sun, I row on. Boat against the current. Waiting for life to happen one more time. Hoping for the last light to show the uncertain path ahead. But I row on, I will row on. In the middle of the river, with head held strong and shoulders ready to take the next charge on. The people beside the river Brahmaputra, through millions of years of cutting through eastern Himalaya and gathering all that it could on the way, finally settles down in the plains of Assam. And over the years, the river became braided around its islands, enriching the surrounding land. And that attracted the sapiens, they settled, started farming. Then came the greed. The hunger grew. And they started encroaching the very land which gave them life for centuries. In the frame, vast plains of the Brahmaputra and the agriculture fields surrounding. And there, in the corner, we see the growing white spots, racing towards the river, to arrest its path eventually.

Hear what people say

Rakshita says,
Great work and great story 👍
Urvi Khandelwal says,
In nature, light creates colour.. mesmerized by the beauty captured.
Shivkiran Dorle says,
Great Narration, Lines and visual touches the heart.
Nilakshi N Pisolkar says,
Very nice.
Pisolkar Nilkanth says,
सुदरच आहे. मनाला भावलं.
Aarohi Gokhale says,
Beautifully portrayed through the lenses and words.
shirin joshi says,
Words so deep...described really transports the reader to this place...
Gaurang says,
Was already in love with the North East !! Thank you for making me fall in love with the region again !! Awesome job...Keep up the good work...
Milan Rawat says,
The words gave meaning to this picture. Beautiful picture with a powerful caption.
Saurabh Pawar says,
As usual fabulous representation by Tanmay. Keep it up Brother. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.
Amita pisolkar says,
खूप छान क्लीक तन्मय,.आकाशाचे प्रतिबिंब ब्रह्मपुत्रा नदीत दिसत आहे पंचमहाभूतांची अनुभूती येते. हे द्रुश्य मनास शांतता देते.नदीच्या तीरावर आपण बसून हे अनुभवत आहोत असे वाटते
Roshan says,
Beautifully captured both in frame and through words. Reading the caption sort of transported me there.
Ketaki says,
Picture speaks a thousand words! An enthralling photo and a well written caption. The undeniable truths of population growth laid subtly hoping the fact that nature heals itself.
Darshan says,
Awesome click Tanmay👌👌
Vaidehi Raorane says,
Beauty of nature with true story . Awsome click
Deesha Thombare says,
This picture and caption transported me there in a sec. Indeed beautiful!!
Abhay Kher says,
Essence of Life and in particular of our little known / explored North East brought out in beautiful combination of prose & picture !
Taufique warsi says,
Testimony defines the other angle of capture, received as provided. Pithy indeed!
Ekta Talkeri says,
IMPRESSIVE ! That is some amazing writing right there. Well done Tanmay.
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