About Me
Hi, I am Sudeshna Gupta
I am currently pursuing a PhD from the Centre for the Environment, IITG. The area of my interest in where the blue meets the green i.e. the wetlands. I believe in the power of storytelling to change perspectives and move mountains.
As the river sees it
Walking by the ghat, like every proud Guwahatian, I have always admired the scenic beauty of the mighty Brahmaputra. As the sun sets, the parakeets fly back home, and the wind blowing on my face makes me believe in magic. But how does the Brahmaputra see us? A field study allowed me to see the city through his eyes. The rituals might bring peace to the departed soul, but the river isn’t at peace. The Bharalu brings the entire cities waste to the Brahmaputra. A stark contrast of colour where the untreated waste meets the river. A river has a natural capacity for rejuvenation. But how much is too much? The view isn’t pretty from the other side.

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A fresh perspective indeed! Thank you for showing the other side!
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