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Hi, I am Pritam Kumar Goswami
An Engineer who has a keen interest in exploring and capturing the beauty of Nature through his Mobile Clicks.
Many Brahmaputra's
In Assam, the Brahmaputra River is also known by several other names i.e. ‘Luit’, ‘Siri Luit’, ‘Bor Luit’ ‘Bor Noi’. For the people of Assam, the Brahmaputra is a symbol of great pride due to its ‘moving ocean’ size but this also ignites fear when it rises to its strength during floods. But this river is also the source of strength for the people of Assam. Time and again, they have expressed their unity as ‘Luitporia’ or ‘people from the banks of Luit’.

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Isha says,
The photographs and the accompanying story capture the theme beautifully.
Bibhu says,
The pictures touches reality while we can feel our closeness rewarded
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