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Hi, I am Nayan Moni Baishya
My name is Nayan Moni Baishya and I was born and brought up in Tezpur, which is one of the major towns on the north bank of Brahmaputra. Currently, I am a research scholar at the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, IIT Guwahati, with a research focus on developing data-driven methods for Digital Image Forensics. Photography is my favorite hobby due to the freedom it gives to anyone to express their version of creativity. I own a Nikon D5300 model and primarily like capturing landscapes. I was part of the official photography teams associated with a few institute events at IIT Guwahati like Alcheringa and Research Conclave.
Brahmaputra from my eyes
In an Agriculture focused state like Assam, agriculture and fishing are two of the main livelihoods for many people, especially in the villages and also an opportunity for entrepreneurship. Fish is a stable dietary element of the people in this region. For people who rely on fishing for their livelihood, the Brahmaputra and its tributaries are the primary natural sources for fishing due to the abundance of aquatic animals in these water bodies. For some fishermen, the day starts at the dawn and sometimes even before sunrise. They sail on the river on their boats, along with their fishing instruments, to certain pre-identified locations where the chances of catching fish are high. After the early morning fishing, they direct themselves to the markets to sell the fresh fish and generate the day’s income. Some may also choose to go door-to-door on their bicycle and asking with their unique tone to buy fish. Others will fish during the daytime till afternoon and then head to the nearest urban market in the evening. To another section of people, fishing can also be a daily secondary activity to generate some extra income. Fishing is a direct economic contribution of the river to people’s lives, both as a source of income and as a food. The Brahmaputra is the widest river in India as well in the Asian sub-continent and bridges are one of the key infrastructures associated with this mighty river. The Saraighat Bridge (old), Inaugurated in the year of 1962, is the first major rail-cum-road bridge over the river. This well-designed megastructure has faced the test of time and still stands strong as the prime symbol of the achievement of infrastructural development. The bridge carries significant economic importance as it connects the north bank of the river to the Guwahati city, which is also the economic gateway to North-East India. An exotic view of the grandiosity of the river flowing downstream and the scenic beauty of the river will be absorbed by anyone’s eyes who crosses over the bridge. The picture brings the beautiful Saraighat bridge under the colours as a way to bring all the elements of nature and man-made miracles together. The Saraighat bridge brings both emotion of appreciation and excellence to anyone who belongs to this land and has experienced the river.

Hear what people say

Geetanjali Mallick says,
Such captivating clicks and beautifully expressed! Connecting to new hopes. Keep up the good work.
Saquib Mazhar says,
Amazing shot, the tranquility of the mighty Brahmaputra with the chaotic Saraighat in the backdrop. The shot portrays a serenity, often experienced sitting on the golden sands of the banks, watching the sun dissolve.
Dipsikha Devi says,
A magnificent shot.
Kasturi Mazumder says,
Wow what an incredible capture ..The glory of the might river Brahmaputra and the onset of the sun seriously mind blowing combination .....🙂
Prerona says,
Beautiful capture- One that makes you stop and look...just as the river itself often does.
Sneha Sarmah says,
Absolutely mesmerizing shots of our mighty river Brahmaputra captured during the golden hour... Loving the liquid bronze like hue of the water ... It's exquisite and serene...
krishnanga says,
Wonderful pictures and very apt descriptions of the lives and feelings of people associated with the Brahmaputra. Great choice of composition, with dripping warmth and calmness in the color.
Bonisha Borah says,
Beautiful capture of a lovely, relaxing, heartwarming combination of sunset hues!
Deepankar Deori Bharali says,
Such a mesmerizing beautiful picture !! Absolutely amazing capture. It gives a peaceful feeling looking at this picture. Keep up this good work ! Hats off
Dikshita Gohain says,
Such a breathtaking view of nature! Perfect click 👍
Prarthana Saikia says,
Wow....This is eye-catching 🌸
Sounak says,
The mighty Brahmaputra in all its glory! A stunning capture and an absolutely beautiful composition.
Parijat says,
The golden hue of the picture is so calm and relaxing. Such a beautiful click!
Arindam Dutta says,
One of the most mesmerising photograhs of the Brahmaputra! Also, beautifully described with meticulously chosen words, allowing readers, especially from the valley, to be able to directly connect to the picture.
BD says,
Lovely captures!! Unique to the eyes..loved it a lot.❤️
Mamata Das says,
Just wow.The sunset view of the mighty river Brahmaputra . I envy your skills and would like to thank you for doing such a great job for us!
Barlina says,
Amazing view, perfect click ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tulendra Saikia says,
Beautiful saraighat bridge with mighty Brahmaputra in the backdrop. Great job in capture such a snapshot
Sasanka Kakati says,
Wow! The composition of the shot is beautifully captured in the golden hours.
Halim Hussain says,
Such an excellent capture of the majestic Brahmaputra. This picture is a perfect example of the existence of tranquility amidst nature.
Ritu Raj Choudhury says,
An artistic masterpiece. Simple and crisp depiction of a beautiful storyline
Pratik says,
Beautiful 👏
Tanushree Baruah says,
Eye pleasing and mesmerizing pictures!! More beautiful because it's kept natural and not unnecessarily edited. Just a glance radiates limitless hope for life, just like the infinite horizon of the Brahmaputra. Keep up your hobby! 👍🏻
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