About Me
Hi, I am Kasturika Saikia
A social researcher based in Assam with interest in human development, community centric practices and a passion for visual story-telling and photo-documentation.
The two pictures were captured during the monsoon season when the river is swollen up and comes with a torrential force yet those communities dependent on the river must set out to seek a living; while being utmost careful in navigating safer and shallow spots.In the first picture, fishermen lay out their nets standing knee deep in river-water which actually was a pocket of land until it started raining in the highlands and the river brought water and fishes along. Infact, the neatly eroded bank, revealing the red layers underneath the top soil is clearly visible on the background.In the second picture a fisherman on his boat follows our tourist boat to sell his fresh catch from the river, bhangun maas; which we later relished upon on-board.
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