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Hi, I am Jayshree Borgohain

People and their stories…
Pushing oneself harder for the peak: The villagers’ returns home after their daily work in the markets. The land near the river bank is very fertile. They cultivate their vegetables and sell them in the markets in a nearby town. We can see two villagers in the photograph returning home after their work in the market. Guarding: This photograph is of Mr Durgeshswor Borgohain who owns a buffalo shed in a Chapori. Half of the Chapori gets submerged during monsoon floods which leads to the death of the cattle in multiple numbers every year. Flood damages the cattle feed and this causes cattle death. Infinite: This photograph is of 10-year-old Nikita Rajbongshi, who belongs to a fisherman family who resides at the bank of river Brahmaputra in Tezpur, Assam. She studies in Kolibari School in class 5. In this photograph, she stares at the vast river view from her home where the horizon over the river goes invisible. Dusk choirs: This photograph is of cattle herders returning with their herd during sunset on the bank of river Brahmaputra. The vast stretch of sand makes a spectacular sunset creating a surreal ambience.
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