About Me
Hi, I am Hrishikesh Chowdhury
Hrishikesh Chowdhury is a graduate from Jamia Milia Islamia, India. Presently he is an independent photographer based out of Assam and a member of the artist collective, Northeast Lightbox.
Walking along...
The expansive Brahmaputra is a pilgrimage of harmony, for years altogether this river continues to manifest the meaning of assimilation - Bhupen Hazarika Rivers are still the carriers of most civilizations and growing up in the home of the Brahmaputra river basin, one has a lot to explore about the history of storytelling through the river. Rains and rivers are fundamental in the shaping of the psyche and are the carriers of a riverine culture. To grow up in Assam is to grow up with the Brahmaputra. I cannot remember a time when I was not intrigued by the river and the myriad relationships it holds for the Assamese people. While the monsoon reminds of the raging floodwaters devastating livelihoods, the same rains that add tranquillity to the river shape the way the Mishings speak of their beautiful romances. Walking along the Brahmaputra, I am making an archive of mobile images, like a journal drifting through patterns of current, looking at forms, colours, to the sound of the monsoon clouds and the birds and the leaves.
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