About Me
Hi, I am Dhritiman Deka
I am student pursuing my master’s degree in Sociology at Cotton University. I have developed a keen interest in photography over the past 10 years. As of now I am working on my own photo-book. Most of my shots are based on Brahmaputra only. I also served as the editor of Cottonian, the annual journal of Cotton University in the year 2016.
The son of Brahma, the river Brahmaputra has been a source of life, livelihood and inspiration for many. The strength and agility of this river making its way amidst the steep cut mountains to the valleys of culture signify a powerful journey called life. The serene, quiet, and otherwise calm nature of the river symbolizing the enchanting hues of existence goes along with the wrath of that furious rage where it strives for freedom reflecting on the turmoil, distress and tumultuous waters of the region. The river is us and its primordial voyage from the cradle of dawn to the heights of civilization is the decadence of mankind. What is it to live with something? Is it the same as a livelihood? Is it more, is it less? It is much more. The river correlates with people’s emotions, they need to flow. The river makes emotions look like energy in motion. Stopping the flow means blocking the energy. Thus it surely is not about livelihood. It encompasses sentimentalities. I feel that when I say living, it means longer than staying, something which is more permanent in relation to staying which might be temporary. So, it is the longer residence with it that increases its significance and experience for them. Bruises left by the sudden wrath and destruction of the river also however calm down. People get accustomed to this inner complaint. Living means being there in both its bad and good; when you cannot always expect to be perfect but love it nonetheless with its occasional hiccups to let go. The world is a small place to accommodate this huge chunk of people, so humans have always attempted to settle down whosesoever they find a small patch of land even if it is in the middle of the river and sometimes in a tiny little boat. There is probably a river in each of our lives. The literal reflection on the water can also be seen as a kind of mirror reflection of the boatman and the river living with and in each other. Channelizing energy through each other.

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