About Me
Hi, I am Ayon Pratim Saikia
I am a freelance photographer from Sadiya, Assam. I have been capturing river Brahmaputra and life around for a while now. I have a special connection with this river, and I am always inspired by the beauty of it
The set of photographs represents the life and colour of the rural people residing on the banks of the Brahmaputra River. A lady heads in search of her cattle during sunset. The water buffaloes love their bath during summer and relax in the Brahmaputra River. The occupation of the villagers residing in the banks is mostly fishing, cattle rearing and farming. A fisherman fishing in Brahmaputra River during sunset. They sell their products in the nearby town markets. The last photograph is of a villager crossing a fertile river land where they keep their cattle.

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Awesome clicks.
Prerona says,
Lovely collection. You've captured the day-to-day essence of the river really well!
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