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Hi, I am Ayanava Sil
I am Ayanava Sil a resident of Kolkata, India. By education I hold a degree of Master Of Business Administration in Marketing. Photography to me is an exemption to see things differently. I am a Street and Documentary photographer, with an objective of documenting everyday life. The uncertainty and the suspense drives me the most towards these genres of Photography. Documenting people over the years has provided me with the invaluable opportunity to explore the unknown and to embrace the conglomerate realities of people.
The River is sacred to Hindus and pilgrims who travel thousands of miles to pray and bathe themselves in the river as part of a purification ritual. Different rituals take place, mainly in the morning and in the evening. Standing in a river and praying release energy from your body. It is believed that these rituals of standing in the water and praying to detoxify the body and mind, provides mental calmness. It also enhances immunity, infuses energy and reduces the frequency of anger, and all other negative emotions.

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