About Me
Hi, I am Agniva Das
I'm Agniva Das, a student of law at National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam. I've been an avid photography enthusiast my entire life and I've been clicking photographs for more than 5 years now. During these 5 years, I've tried my hand in almost every kind of photography genre from Wildlife photography at National Parks, to Landscape photography at beautiful locations such as Sikkim, Andamans and closer to home, Shillong. I'm very eager to try new things out and learn in the process. In recent times, I've been much more interested in Astrophotography and I'm almost certain that I'll be pursuing this not only as a hobby but also a side profession.
The mass employer
The mighty river the Brahmaputra has provided the people of Assam and all the regions it flows through with not only food and water but also has provided the people with a source of employment. Freshwater fishing is the primary source of income for hundreds if not thousands of people living by this mighty river. For centuries, hundreds of families have been dependent on the river for their food, clean water and fishing as employment opportunities. River-based fisheries are of particular importance in tropical regions as they provide food and nutrition to millions of people and support their livelihood. In recent times, the ever-increasing demands of water for irrigation, agriculture, domestic and industrial use and hydropower generation have impacted the river flow and habitats and consequently the fisheries and river-fish dependent communities. The Assamese and Bengali populations are very fond of fish and thus every morning the markets of Guwahati are flooded with hundreds of kilograms of fish. While we people love to consume fish almost every single day, we hardly think about the communities of fishermen who wake up in the middle of the night to go out into the river to meet our demand for fish every single day. Having spoken to a few of them, I’ve come to know about the hardships they face and would personally like to thank them for their contribution to our society. My photographs display these fishermen hard work and also the various methods and traditional techniques of catching fish using bamboo and nets.
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